The technique of Karate-do that we study is called Goju Ryu and comes   from the formal school that was founded in the city of NAHA, Okinawa(NAHA-TE). The Gojuryu was the creation of Sensei MIYAGI CHOOJUN combined force (GO) with gentleness (JU) which he considered the ultimate expression of what a Karate-do should be.Our Sensei IMAI KAZUO,who is currently SHIHAN is the person who brought this technique to America Continent from japan and is a world wide recognized teacher of the teachings of Gojuryu, accredited by one of the principal schools of the system called SAI SHIN KAN,whose seat is in TOKYO, JAPAN.Its technical director general is the Sensei OHTSUKA TADAHIKO.

GOJU RYU (GO) Strength or Harnes (JU)Softnes (RYU) Name or System















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